How long does a swimming remodel take from start to finish?

The length and time to complete your remodeling job will depend on the scope
of work being done. A total renovation job consisting of coping, tile and
plastering your swimming pool and spa will generally take 7 days or less. If
your vision is to completely remodel your back yard with new deck, new
plumbing and equipment it will take considerably longer.

What services does J.V. Pool Plastering, Inc. provide?

J.V. Pool Plastering, Inc. offers a wide variety of services including New Gunite
Swimming pool installation, swimming pool coping and tile installation and
repair, plastering with a variety of different plaster finishes. Installation of new
pool equipment and plumbing. Installation of new pool decking or resurfacing,
design and installation of water features and water falls and much more.

Can J.V. Pool Plastering, Inc. handle my entire pool renovation

J.V. Pool Plastering, Inc. has the capability to manage, both by the utilization of
its employees, and by the selective use of other contractors, just about every
facet of the pool renovation process. We specialize in specific aspects of pool
construction and when other areas of expertise are needed we rely on
relationships built up over many years to supply the needed services. J.V. Pool
Plastering, Inc. goal is to establish seamless integration of these services to
provide the customer with a swift and professional pool remodel experience.

When should I replaster my swimming pool and/or spa?

Since the process of re-plastering involves chipping out the old plaster down to the gunite, most swimming pools and/spas are replastered after the existing pool finish has shown wear from aging. Typical signs of aged plaster include roughness, discoloration, and delamination. These symptoms may occur on the swimming pool and spa finish as early as 8 to 10 years of age depending on the quality of the finish initially applied to the surface.
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